The web facility TOR got here simply because the information become identified that the fight fought with BREIN basis obtain website The Pirate Bay.&#one hundred sixty;Quick nook taken with the aid of the ability makes certain you might be shopping anonymously as a result of your visitors on all programs within the TOR community is operating, the servers are made to be had by means of volunteers.

Following useful applications for the Internet browsers on PC and Mac and an Android application, there is now an opportunity to anonymously surf the Internet on the iPhone
The new app Onion Browser provides this.

 It's not that long ago that anonymous Internet on your PC has a major task was to ensure, with a cartload of settings that you had to put your hand to shade
as on the internet movement. 
The iPhone is not much trouble. You start the app on the application and automatically prepares for anonymous surfingWithin less than half a minute, we were able to work with the browser.

The browser can be also operated the same as other browsers on the iPhone, with the difference that you do not keep bookmarks. You have a button for the next and previous page, with a stop-loading button and lets you refresh the page. The browsing experience is different but definitely off. Since your traffic is routed through the world, but you can create a famous site in a foreign language encounter. So we ran our tests on a German translated YouTube, the site in a subsequent session in the Scandinavian see.

 Above is anonymous surfing on the iPhone is much slower than surfing through another browser. We have also been experienced in ten minutes testing that address refuses to load. It makes surfing the application considerably less pleasant, less reliable than in the standard on the iPhone Safari installed. That's a decent price you pay for anonymous surfing.

With options you can use the internet behavior of the app to your hand set. Besides the technical option of accepting the first and third-party cookies, you can manually create a new identity in the app and thus the previously accumulated cookies forgotten. You can also User-Agent spoofing or off, so the app does not give you a phone surfing. So then there are no more mobile sites loaded.The price of eighty cents is perhaps somewhat remarkable for such an open initiative.

 Download Onion Browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes Link]


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