Onlive launched a new service called CloudLift, which enables you to play PC- games purchased in digital distribution services via the Internet on smartphones and tablets . And decided to start with Steam.

Principle of operation OnLive next . Using an array of web servers , the service transmits the image to the recipient via the Internet in the format of the video stream , wherein the game responsive to user commands in real time. This allows you to run the most demanding games to computer performance even on slower devices. When this control is performed as if the software was installed on the tablet / computer.

For a monthly subscription is $15, Onlive allows you to run the game on a wide range of devices , including tablets iPad, Mac computers and set-top box Google TV.

To use OnLive requires Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet, but the company has been able to adapt the technology also under LTE- network providing transmission images with a resolution of 720p. The service cloud save users can transfer gameplay from one device to another and start from where you left off .

Currently in CloudLift represented about 20 game projects , including Saints Row 4 and Batman: Arkham Origins. In the near future will be sold on game codes with the seven-day trial period.

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