If the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus almost their size made a difference already, It also good to note that the biggest iPhone adopts the optical stabilization unlike the 4.7 inches. John Gruber  and DaringFireball explains that  Optical Stabilization made the difference in iPhone 6s video mode.

Since Apple has lifted the ban yesterday, the various editors who received 6s of the iPhone by the firm started talking. This is also the case of John who returns to the optical image stabilization (OIS) iPhone 6s Plus.

“The benefits of the ISO for the video are even bigger than for still images, in my opinion. This reduces judder, “he explains. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that Apple has brought the OIS only on the 5.5 inches, which for him is not interesting because of its large size too. Much rather use the iPhone 6s 4.7 inches it is much more convenient to pack in his pocket – and that’s not true!

If the interest of the OIS is able to do without tripod to shoot video without stuttering, he thinks Apple should integrate into the iPhone 6s (4.7 “).

As you can see, there is a choice to make before buying – with or without OIS? For me, the iPhone 6s Plus was obvious takes much more space in the pocket.

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