Google Project Zero team is looking for software vulnerabilities reported by the developers, and subsequently announced publicly. Thus, it became aware of the presence of several potentially dangerous vulnerabilities in OS X.

There were discovered three vulnerabilities in OS X, which informed the team of Project Zero Apple three months ago. Since then the company has corrected only one of them with the release of Yosemite. The other two remained intact, but because after 90 days of security professionals Google announced them publicly.

According to Ars Technica, the vulnerability is not critical and require the hacker having access to a computer at the initial stage. However, these gaps in the software may be used with other types of attacks to intercept control computer user. And although the team Project Zero does not give specific instructions, their published data enough for experienced hackers to use the discovered vulnerabilities for their own purposes.

However, as iMore reported, Apple closes security holes OS X in the near upgrade to 10.10.2, which this week received another new assembly. Thus, the company still paid attention to the warning of experts from Google.

It is noteworthy that most of the actions of Project Zero was “suffered” by Microsoft. And although the company from Redmond has repeatedly asked Google not to publish information about these or other vulnerabilities in the web, Project Zero specialists regularly spread all the information about the problems of Windows. In the case of OS X for the first time this happens, or Apple just had time to close the vulnerability within 90 days.

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