OS X Yosemite Preview 3: Dark mode and Other interfaces



Apple released the OS X Yosemite Preview 3 along with iOS beta 3 to developers. The new beta OS adds several changes, including “dark mode” and updated icons to the existing build.


The new Dark Mode interface is one of the new features of OS X Yosemite operating system. When activated, translucent menus are displayed in black, and the texts are lighter. If in the previous build, the activated Dark Mode was able to do a series of manipulations to the system files or a special terminal command, but now it can be done directly from the OS settings.

Another change in OS X Yosemite interface  is  Safari browser: in the address bar appeared folders for saved bookmarks and there are more clear notification badges, updated icons in  iCloud Settings.


Changed and pictograms standard QuickTime applications and fonts.


In OS X 10.10 Yosemite Preview 3 are within reach from the computer appear in the menu iPhone Wi-Fi – you can use your smartphone as a modem without any additional settings (function Instant Hotspot).

Download OS X Yosemite Preview 3 can through the Mac App Store and on the official Apple website. The public release of the OS will be available this Fall.

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