OS X Yosemite vs. OS X Mavericks: interface comparison



At the WWDC 2014, Apple introduced the OS X Yosemite operating system in addition to  iOS 8 firmware. The look OS X 10.10 radically changed with the new features , but not all users have taken this update positively .

AS you already, the OS X Yosemite user interface look like the iOS 7 with flat icons . No more icons with shadows , “bulky” notifications and buttons. On this issue, opinions are divided . It seems that it’s the same comfortable and familiar Apple operating system, but its appearance is quite different. On the other hand , Apple has completely changed the design concept and now users have to get used to the new interface , and app developers should adapt their products to stay current with OS X Yosemite style.

OS-X-Yosemite-Design-2 OS-X-Yosemite-Design-3

Pixelapse conducted a detailed analysis on the OS X Yosemite user interface by comparing it with the Mavericks. Dramatic changes, new design, reminiscent of iOS 7 style, which became more flat and bright,in addition of the transparency. Besides the new look , new icons in standard applications, icons in the menu bar , buttons and other interface elements look different.

OS-X-Yosemite-Design-4 OS-X-Yosemite-Design-5

Do we need a radical redesign? The answer to this question will be answered this Fall, when you decide whether to update your Mac to a new operating system or not.

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