By publishing achieve their online stores of Apple, Google and Microsoft often emphasize the number of available applications. However, according to a study by StarDust, more than 50 % of programs in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store “dead .”

” Dead ” in the Stardust called the application for which has not issued any updates, and have less 10 user reviews . In the Apple store the proportion of such programs , according to the researchers, – 65 %, at Microsoft – 69%. Slightly better than the situation in the Google Play – “only” 41 % of the programs in it are abandoned .

Among other interesting figures regarding online kiosks for three operating systems can be noted the average daily number of published applications : 928, 1107 and 286 for the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store , respectively. The number of updated daily program reaches 806 , 2341 and 179 for the same stores. The average cost of applications in the App Store is 3.49 euros, Google Play – 1,73 euros, and Windows Phone Store – a little more than 2.03 euros.

infographie-m-reputation-enStardust level out that, on moderate , an iOS software obtain eighty % of the opinions inside 18 days of the newsletter , and tool for Android and Home windows Telephone for sixteen and thirteen days, respectively . Additionally device to Google Play will get essentially the most updates – a regular of 6.

In this case in retailer for gadgets with Home windows Cellphone share of paid device is best thirteen % , whereas the Apple catalog , this determine reaches 50 %, and Google – 32%.

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