galaxy-iphoneResearch companies often publish statistical information on sales of any product , market share , which holds that either the company or another operating system . Make a variety of analyst Horace Dediu decided agency of Asymco.

In his microblog Dediu has published data regarding the proceeds from sales of smartphones in the past six years. During the period since the first iPhone in 2007 from the sale of smartphones in general were generated $215 billion, of which 87.9 % are only two companies . Not difficult to guess , it’s Apple and Samsung. However, Apple has big lead over South Korean rival with a share of 61.8% ( $132.87 billion ), while the second figure – 21.6% ( $56.1 billion ) .

Remaining profits – about $26 billion – was partitioned between a Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC and LG. According to Dediu , over the past six years, Nokia smartphones earned a total of $20.5 billion or 9.5 % of the total amount . Thus the Finnish vendor was in third place among the most successful manufacturers of smartphones.

The only thing that remains unclear whether Dediu into account in their calculations the sale of such Chinese companies like Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo. According to recent data , they only last year generated $8 billion

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