In the meantime, there may be to this point. The brand new Android working device, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, used to be presented after many rumors and leaks finally. The OS gives the primary probability, the buttons "menu", "House" and "Earlier" digital show.These digital buttons are additionally offered for the primary time within the Galaxy Nexus to see.When you first look at the Hands On video they are getting used to, but they work without problems.

If the device is held vertically, the buttons rotate with the device.Thus they are always properly aligned.

In our last article about Ice Cream Sandwich, eight things that are addressed hopefully change with the new Android system.The following points were addressed there:

  • Security
  • Updates
  • Google Music
  • Better design
  • Application Development
  • Better integration of the Android device to your PC or MAC
  • Screenshots
  • Open-source
Unfortunately, not everyone of these points in the new system implemented.So there is no information about the new system that Google has developed a tool that improves the integration with a PC or MAC.Also there is no internal security system, at least none has been highlighted separately.Of course this does not mean that Ice Cream Sandwich is not safe.Surely Google and can not allow that their new OS is put in a bad light.
The remaining changes, we find all the new Android system.For each of these functions, there is a screen with an explanation of what exactly was all Advanced.Of course there are also new features that we had not addressed, these are also explained in the course of the article.


Home screen and app menu

The new look is mainly due to the color blue.The style is like a cross between the Windows Phone Metro design and the movie Tron Legacy.Instead of four keys (Home, Menu, Back, Search), there are now only three buttons, this has already proven itself in several Android devices, such as the Samsung S2 Galaxy.These are the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus only virtually.If an app can use the entire screen, it has the ability to hide the keys.Apps can now be put into folders on the home screen together, it could be shown only in Gingerbread with a special launcher or app.The shortcut bar is completely customizable by the user, apart from the menu button.As already known in the Honeycomb tablet system, apps and widgets are displayed in separate categories.This is offered a better view.As previously mentioned can
be recognized very well that has been done on the design a lot.


Calls and Alerts

The lock screenalso boasts a new design and new features.If you are employed by a call, the caller has the option to a pre-text message (for example, "I'll call you back") to send.Another new feature is that users can directly access the camera and notification without unlocking their device.This is very handy if things have to happen quickly.


Error correction and voice input

Interesting has done well in the error correction.Misspelled words will no longer be repaired immediately, but for now only underscores.With one click, these can be repaired fairly quickly.The voice input has also received an update.Unfortunately, the design is very reminiscent of Apple's Siri, I hope Google gets it represents no problems.Whether one can compare the new Google Voice control with Siri you will be able to find only in a comparison test.However, I dare to doubt it!


Widgets and Multitasking

All widgets can now adjust zoom much easier to adjust it.This function is already known from Honeycomb and for every Android tablet users is nothing new.Even the multitasking view is already known from the previous OS, but now seeing for the first time in a smartphone.This view has been present for Android smartphones while in the ICS-launcher, which just a few weeks in the market is available, although attempted, but not really well represented. 


New contacts

The contacts have been completely refurbished, so the user gets a great image for each contact is shown and this view can also refine.Also, the system integration of contacts has been expanded so they are much more deeply into individual apps such as Google integrates +.



The Android browser has been redesigned.It provides a visual overview tab and many other new settings.It can sites for later offline reading and bookmarks are stored can be synchronized through the Google Account with a Chrome browser on the desktop, this was previously only available on Chrome-to-phone.



One of the biggest changes to user concerns the camera.It offers a whole range of new features such as Live Filters to distort faces, or a panorama feature, where you must move the camera only.Shutter lag should have been improved dramatically, even if this is the video of the Galaxy Nexus is not really recognizable.Also the camera has now received a continuous auto focus.Focus is also possible by the touch, facial recognition is, of course, with it, or would not work also unlock new feature Facebook.



Also a new app is integrated into the system of photo-editor, with all the shot or stored images can be edited again if they do not like the user.Cropping, red-eye removal, color adjustment and some other tools are on board.


Screenshots and NFC

As in prior, has been offering "Ice Cream Sandwich" create the possibility of screenshots.To do this press the "Volume Down" "Power" and are pressed simultaneously.What do Android users every vendor independent a screenshot of their smartphones.The integration of NFC short-range radio technology has also been expanded.This service was first used in the Nexus S in Android 2.3.7 is used, which means this service Google Wallet.Apps, contacts and bookmarks can be on Android Beam share.To use this feature, users must keep their tw
o Android devices to each other, it is known from the app "Bump", which offers similar features.


Unlock Face

The set of tags based on very Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich Android system offers in this new version the first time a completely new unlock function.Because, besides the usual unlocking ring the new system now provides the so-called Face Unlock.This is the front camera for face recognition using the user, the user is detected, the device is unlocked directly.In the promo video of the Galaxy Nexus this feature is also presented, but there it is a little slow.The question is, this function recognizes whether it is a picture or the real person.We are eager to see if the first tests to be made ​​online.


Data volume buttons

Apparently, Google has a heart for users with low data volume.Because in the limit settings can be set as to when the data connection should be severed.There is also an overview of the apps consume much.Although more of a gimmick, it could be very interesting for users with just 150 MB capacity.

By and large Ice Cream Sandwich is a very successful project.Although many critics of the Galaxy Nexus is extremely difficult to persuade the system to enforce security.Everything is well thought out and does a really good impression. I can think of no one currently offered, which Google would not necessarily want to integrate. All that was missing in the old system has been improved here.Of course, it is questionable whether the user such things as "Face Unlock" really needs.What we have not addressed until now, the system updates.

According to Google, it should be possible for any device that currently runs on Gingerbread (Android 2.3) to allow an update to Ice Cream Sandwich.Unfortunately, it is here again to the manufacturers and mobile operators.

Motorola has already announced that all its current device should receive an update of the upper class is, of course, not surprising when you consider that Google has bought Motorola Mobility.HTC is surely also an update for most devices in its range of products that provide via Over-The-Air update.We look forward to ice cream sandwich and let's face it who would deprive his cell phone, this new system?


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