P0sixninja Discovers Exploits for the New Jailbreak



As it turned out, the developer P0sixninja, a former member of Chronic Dev Team, in January this year announced the collapse of the hacker group, did not leave the jailbreak scene. In his tweet, he said that he found enough vulnerabilities in firmware iOS 6 for a new jailbreak. The work of the previous exploit Evasi0n, as you know, was completely blocked in the update iOS 6.1.3.

On his page on the microblogging P0sixninja wrote that in his arms is all that is necessary in order to release a new exploit. “It seems that the next jailbreak is completely my design,” – he said in a tweet.

P0sixninja also mentioned that the evad3rs still around.

P0sixninja denied rumors of decay hacker staff Evad3rs, which launched jailbreak iOS 6. «Evad3rs by no means left. I simply discovered myself all of the essential vulnerability over the previous couple of months, “- he mentioned.

Remember that within the new firmware iOS 6.1.three Apple has closed three of the 5 vulnerabilities that hackers use to achieve get entry to to the core of the cell platform for the implementation of jailbreaking. Subsequently crack the brand new OS isn’t presently that you can imagine.

In the meantime P0sixninja didn’t say whether or not he’s going to make use of their vulnerability to create a jailbreak iOS 6.1.three or watch for it to exit the working gadget iOS 7. In keeping with nearly all of customers, the 2nd most well-liked possibility, as many individuals had been jailbroken on firmware iOS 6.1.2.

Bear in mind, P0sixninja within the hacking team Persistent Dev Crew just a few years, participated within the construction of instruments to hack the working machine iOS. His efforts seemed GreenPois0n, make the most for untethered jailbreak iOS 5.zero.1, Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and hack hacking firmware iOS 5.1.1.

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