p0sixninja “OpenJailbreak” shouldn’t be greater than a Jailbreak



Lots of you take into account that Joshua Hill aka @P0sixninja “tweeted a couple days ago that he would launch or announce something bigger than a jailbreak, well, hours after the renowned hacker tweeted that he was tired Jailbreak applications like redsn0w, sn0wbreeze and iOS 6.1.3. This led him to work on something that has been called “OpenJailbreak”.

For all we know, @p0sixninja has been working on this idea for a long long time. For him, the idea is to create a repository of Jailbreak with a team led by, which put all projects and codes which have been involved or creator, to maintain consistency and allow to modify and distribute your will. The main complaint is that much of his work has been used for different projects but has been modified and re-distributed, he wants to continue to avoid this situation occurring.

Do not forget that @p0sixninja has played an extremely important role in most from iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreaks on. Although abandoning the Chronic Dev-Team. Its tools and codes have been used in programs like redsn0w iPhone Dev-Team, sn0wbreeze for @ ih8sn0w and more. This opportunity will benefit OpenJailbreak users worldwide. People who want to collaborate in the creation of future Jailbreaks like learning codes available in the repository. A joint effort will contribute in realizing future iOS Jailbreaks like 7 and later versions.

Let’s be honest, this is not bigger than “Jailbreak” but if you together with a real jailbreak is released, this might be the case. I think that @p0sixninja are looking to have this done for the same time this release the new iOS Jailbreak 7 once it is released. Remember that the hacker had mentioned a few months ago I had enough vulnerabilities to achieve make a jailbreak.
It is possible that the Jailbreak of iOS 7 is ready sooner than we think, once Apple releases the final version. I see we have to wait all this time we hope to iOS 6 again. Early this week, Ryan Petrich made public an image of Activator running on iOS 7, who is aware of what device used to be used then.

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