Pangu Jailbreak For Apple TV 4 On Its Way



The Chinese team of hackers Pangu published a tweet in which a Jailbreak for Apple TV 4 this week, however, more testing before releasing the jailbreak tool to the public. Jailbreak promised would be launched for a non-current version of the latest set-top box Apple a 9.0.x TVOS not be installed on many devices operating system. Moreover, Pangu said to be released mostly for developers to experiment.

Seeing that they were running out of time to fulfill his promise, they have posted another tweet today in asking for patience. Pangu launch a .ipa that can sign and install on the fourth-generation Apple TV, which at first sounds easier to install than other means, but I think it is exactly as if he was released in a .deb package.

Personally I have not installed any .ipa file already created on the Apple TV 4. What I have done is to unburden the .deb package Kodi, sign, create a .ipa and install it. It is likely to be able to sign the .ipa without having to create it, for what can follow the tutorial Luis Padilla Kodi created to install the Apple TV 4.


Moreover, I am surprised a bit to launch a .ipa. Jailbreak usually give us a superuser access and install Cydia then, so I do not have very clear how it will work this first version of Jailbreak for Apple TV 4. In any case, we will leave doubts in a few days.

Once launched this Jailbreak know whether it is useful or not needed. The ability to install applications with Xcode is very important, but most likely begin to see interesting changes days after the release of the tool that promises Pangu.

(Source: @PanguTeam [Twitter])

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