If you are one of those who follows closely the news around the Jailbreak, it will be of great interest to know that the Pangu development team works on the compilation of the tool that allows the Jailbreak on the iPhone XS. This is echoed on Twitter, where they provide graphic evidence that demonstrates the viability of the project, at least for now.

Since the first Betas of iOS 12 came out, the main players involved in the iOS Scene have turned to development work capable of finding a bug capable of circumventing the security of the Apple platform kernel. Since then, there have been many demonstrations that show the final result to achieve the iOS 12 Jailbreak.

Pangu Jailbreak for iPhone XS

In fact, not long ago a video was broadcast on the Web in which a demonstration of the Jailbreak was made on an iPhone X with iOS 12. However, the news today goes beyond the software itself. Yes, we are obviously talking about the Jailbreak on iOS 12, but more importantly, on an iPhone XS. Root access for the Jailbreak on the iPhone XS

So at least it appears in one of the command lines in which the screenshot lets you see the root access in the system. The important thing of this fact is that it has been produced on the hardware of the new iPhone model that, remember, has an Apple A12 Bionic processor.

Undoubtedly, one more sign that the Jailbreak is still possible, despite the impetus of Apple to prevent it. In fact, since the presentation of the model, it was said that the security layer imposed by the processor would make the task of executing superuser permissions much more complicated. Apple processor A12 mounted on an iPhone X

Now we need to keep a close eye on the work of the Pangu developer team since this demonstration does not yet imply a guarantee that the tool that makes the Jailbreak on the iPhone XS will be released. In fact, this type of practices bring not only economic interests, but you have to control the times very well to prevent Apple from discovering the security holes and patch them before the tool in question is released.

(Source: @SparkZheng [Twitter])

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