The rivalry between teams of developers of jailbreak has been noted in recent times. In fact, both Pangu tools like Taig have taken their criticism at the beginning for reasons that were removed prematurely, and the problems they produced. Even for manual installations that have required. However, since Pangu have wanted to answer all these criticisms in the last event they have submitted.

It would seem that the reasons which prompted hackers to Pangu Team to the publication of this letter are almost to be referred to recent comments hacker Stefan Esser, better known as I0n1c. According Pangu Team, Esser has made several comments “racist and full of imagination” at the conference Syscan this year.

The team has clarified that on one hand they are very satisfied with the work done and the reception it has had on the world. However, they have responded to criticism of one of the most famous hackers, which accused them directly to appropriate their ideas. We refer to i0n1c. Above him, have said that while they took their developments as a base, they created a proprietary tool that also, public developments are for, to improve them.

After clarifying the item on its rivalry with the hacker from Pangu have wanted to refer also to the issue of remuneration that were paid for your last update. Rumors indicated that it was a figure that reached a million dollars. The team denies that there has been so much money, but does not indicate how much worn, ensure that money and other gifts, use them to their servers and operational development of the jailbreak tools.

You can read the letter from this page, while below are points of the message from Pangu Team:


To close, since Pangu team have ensured that they expect all these explanations are the last and that should not exist as little as constructive critical in a community that after all, pursues the same objective. Do you think they are right?

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