Pangu Released Apple TV 4 Jailbreak For tvOS 9.0.1



As promised, Pangu has released a jailbreak for the Apple TV 4. The version for which they have released this tool is TVOS 9.0-9.0.1 and have done two days after the launch of TVOS 9.2, so few users have installed the latest version of the operating system set-top-box Apple . In any case, Pangu already said that this tool is focused on developers more than anything else.

How could it be otherwise necessary for Xcode, this new tool has been released for Mac and for the moment have no plans to release a version for Windows. The tool is now available from the page Pangu, where there are also instructions explaining how to install this tool on the fourth-generation Apple TV. To install this jailbreak you will need to have the USB-C Cable, without which it could not connect to a Mac ATV4.

Pangu intention is to allow developers to start testing their modifications in the final set-top box apple. They have also released this tool for developers try to carry iOS modifications to TVOS. No content yet installed, is neither recommended nor consider making this jailbreak the Apple TV 4, not right now.

Pangu jailbreak for Apple TV 4

The Apple TV 4 went on sale since October 2015, so Pangu has taken only five months (assuming they were trying since) Leave a jailbreak. Moreover, they released the jailbreak for iOS 9.1 and released for that version because iOS 9.2 already covered the need to exploit the jailbreak, something that seems to have also been in TVOS 9.2. With this in mind, certainly they have not wasted any exploit in a version of tvOS that few users have installed.

Recall that the third-generation Apple TV  was never been able to be jailbroken, so this is good news.

You can download Pangu jailbreak for Apple TV 4 from here. [Fast Mirror Link]

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