Parents Used Apple Watch To Share Their Newborn’s Heartbeat With Relatives


Apple watch baby

The Apple Watch can be used in many ways. As we have known through various sources, those lucky enough to have just become parents and also had their Watch, have discovered a completely unique way to welcome the newest member of the family.

As you know, the Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor, one incredibly precise and sophisticated according to the latest report inquiries. This sensor is used for multiple purposes: to monitor our activity, calculate our beats per minute, determine the level of effort we are making, or simply send your keystrokes to our contacts as part of an entirely new way to communicate.

Indeed, the latter mode has just won a new dimension, as some new parents have used their Apple Watch shared the first beats of your newborn with the family, a completely unique experience and allows closer to distant relatives to the unrepeatable moment the birth of a new family member. Here is the experience of one of those parents:

Our first child was born and we used an Apple Watch Sport to send his heartbeat to our distant family members it was a really awesome experience that we couldn’t have done without the Apple Watch. “

Just below, you can see the video that Apple Watch is used and, after carefully placing the newborn doll, send your pulse to different selected contacts. These contacts, thanks to Taptic Engine and watch the haptic interaction may feel exactly the same beat on your wrist.

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