Parrot, a company dedicated to the manufacture of drones, arrives at CES with intent to expand its market with a panel for cars that supports both Android Auto.

Although Parrot is a company known primarily for its drones, is not the first Android device throwing to upgrade your car. The RNB6 has two elements that work with Android, firstly the device itself running with Android Lollipop which includes features like voice control, navigation, streaming music or camera control that can have the car dashboard or in the back. It also includes the option of connecting your phone and enjoy all the features of Android Auto . It has a 7 inch screen and a resolution of 720p.
Parrot has at CES the RNB6 shown, an infotainment system based on Android 5.0, which is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. The RNB6 used a 7 “IPS pro touchscreen for operation. 
Also, a 55W audio amplifier included in the RNB6 while the system is also a 1080p Dashcam coupled.

Parrot uses a customized version of Android 5.0 for the system. The RNB6 may inter alia be used for navigation, hands-free calling, playing media files, viewing and controlling various systems of a car such as the air conditioning and a parking assistant.

Similarly, the infotainment system using both Android and Apple Auto CarPlay to establish a link with any smartphone, and Parrot promises enhanced audio settings to optimize the sound in cars. Also, the driver can give voice commands to the system. When RNB6 is available and what the retail price will be, Parrot will not lost.

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