Passbook Providing Unexpected Success for Developers and Retailers



Passbook is a virtual wallet that allows you to contain within it all that we used to have in paper form: air tickets, train tickets, coupons, gift cards and much more. Once a Passbook stored on our device by means of applications such as Starbucks or Fandango, these there will be shown within the application. Then we can have a quick and immediate when we need to know for example what our available credit on a cinema loyalty card, the amount of coffee available that we at Starbucks, or just to show our gate once you arrive at the airport .

“We were amazed at the high uptake,” Phil Easter, American Airlines’ director of mobile apps said. “Apple has allowed an app developer like us is to put features right in front of the user where before, that space was off limits.”

American Airlines and Sephora are just two of the big names who have developed their own applications with compatibility Passbook. Apple has not provided official data on the exact number of applications compatible with Passbook, but American in the App Store, in the section, it includes 22.
It must be said that Passbook however, is not a real wallet as it is the Google Wallet, which, thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication), also allows the payment in shops. The plus for Passbook however, is that the QR Code readers are widespread, while the NFC readers need more time before they are widely extended. The usefulness of Passbook is therefore to show effectively and quickly the information we need at a given time and in a given place, rather than to make payments themselves.

Sephora says instead that his application has been downloaded more than 38,000 well-usual, the day it was released Passbook. In addition, 10,000 of its customers using gift cards to Sephora have added their Passbook on the day of release. That number has since increased to 375,000 customers. Wired notes that developers and retails are seing increase because of the feature.

“From a gift card standpoint it’s very seamless,” Julie Bornstein, senior vice president of Sephora Digital, told Wired. “You can send a gift card to a friend, they accept it, hit a link to add to their Passbook, and then they have their gift card right there.” Customers also can scan a code on their conventional gift cards so they can add them to Passbook.”

American Arilines declares that only in the first 10 days after launch, its application has been downloaded a million times.[MacRumors]

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