recent patent describes a new device from Apple that you can for your eyes to confirm information in the real world to see. The idea looks very reminiscent of Google Glass, an experimental glasses of Google shows that information and your daily activities can film. Apple's technology would be using two LCD displays an image in the eyes of the user project.


The patent describes the idea as follows:

A first display which projects an image can be viewed by the first eye of the user. A first light element is positioned to produce light of one or more colors close to the first display to radiate. [The projector] receiving data in the form of a source image and processes the data for a first image on the display to make. Next, a series of signals for the first light element is generated, which, together with the image is sent to the display.

By to project an image on a display for the user, it can be viewed at a short distance. As a result, the display can be implemented in various devices, including a pair of glasses. The patent describes how for each eye a different image can be projected, creating a 3D effect. You would therefore be less likely to be sick of movements when you wear glasses.

Google is at the moment to Google Glass, glasses that ultimately information for your eyes to show you. In a concept video of this is shown how at certain times of the day automatically information for your eyes to see, such as messages and phone calls. A camera at an early prototype made during Google IO possible for skydivers to jump during their presentation to the live stream. [The Next Web .]



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