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The criticism of social networking services like Twitter is that anyone can read, so people can not really be themselves. You really personal things for yourself, because you later load it with applications or can get annoying comments from complete strangers can get. The social network launched tonight Path taking a different approach: it calls itself 'The Personal Network "because you can invite up to 50 friends. The app is initially only in the App Store.

Why 50? Because according to a theory of evolutionary psychology professor Robin Dunbar from Oxford, the maximum number of social relationships is that someone can handle. Path was in development for several months and there was a considerable hype created around it.

Path was founded by people behind Napster and Facebook: former Facebook Platform Manager Dave Morin and Napster founder Shawn Fanning, supported by a group of investors including Digg founder Kevin Rose. Path will be available as a set of apps, the first iPhone is available now. In fact, a Path for each service to share photos, which you people, places and things marks based on tags. Path is like Facebook using a button like in the future and get some more interactive features such as comment. Currently the options are limited: you can not take pictures of other photo services, import, or by post from Path to Facebook or Flickr. And you can only using a new e-mail friends. The profile page is only possible if you're friends with each other.


Path was formerly and was initially more focused on making social lists. You could make lists of favorite TV shows, books, recipes and other matters. But the makers have yet to chose a different approach, which seems more Instagram: a social photo application. In up to 50 friends you can gather around you, you see exactly who has looked at the picture. Thus, close friends through your eyes, watch what you do.

There is now an iPhone app and an associated website. On an AndroidBlackberry version and is ongoing, as evidenced by the fact that there Path for developers looking for.

The idea of Path to be limited to 50 friends is good. But the problem is that your 50 best friends do not all want to sit on Path and not all have an iPhone.

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