One small step for Apple iPhone 6 and Watch-owners, a potentially great for the cult group from the Cupertino company: With the new mobile payment system Apple Pay system prepares to make paper money unnecessary. By the way, Apple could create a lucrative revenue branch …

The dream is real since the first iPhone: If you could practically fully customize its digital life with the all-rounder smartphone – then why not pay? Tim Cook took the penalty to the keynote to the point: Paying a plastic credit card, the one always carries with him is not only not up to date – it is actually five decades old! Not to mention the safety aspect.

Payment services as developed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey Square have tried to fix the blemish with a small mobile reading device that is plugged into the smartphone – but even that seemed antiquated. Apple now leads with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Apple Plus Pay one – a new payment service, with the physical goods and services in shops Apps or using NFC (Near Field Communication) can be paid with finger input.

Keep in mind that in terms of card, Americans are far behind: they are just beginning to use the smart card PIN code that are the norm in recent decades in Europe. While we do not always have the impression that our transactions are completely secure, theirs are even less. Not surprisingly then, Apple Pay is currently reserved in the United States, where he will work with American Express cards, MasterCard and Visa’s six largest banks.

Hundreds of millions of credit cards associated with iTunes accounts can be added to Passbook for use with Apple Pay – we can add new ones by simply taking a picture. The card number is never transmitted to Apple, and does not leave the “secure enclave” of the phone. Pay is for Apple iPhone 6 because it is based on the NFC phone is approaching a terminal supports it authenticates with Touch ID, a unique transaction identifier replaces the CVS number on the back of the card and the transaction takes place.

Physical credit cards might be superfluous

It works like to Unlock the iPhone 5s with the known technology of Touch ID; iPhone 6 and Watch Apple users put their finger on the finger sensor, while they hold the iPhone in a shop near the contactless reader – the credit card usage is unnecessary.

Pay with Apple also purchases can be made in apps with the touch of a finger, without having to enter credit card information or shipping details. The entire payment information will be kept private, encrypted and secure in Secure Element, a chip inside the new iPhones stored.

 Apple PayTo  Launch in the United States  at Disney, McDonald’s in October

To start Apple, as expected, equal to the three major credit card providers in the world -American Express, MasterCard and VISA – win. It can and iPhone 6 Apple Watch-users in Disney World and Disney Stores, McDonald’s, Macy’s, Staples, Toys R Us and Subway to pay via Pay Apple.

Should be used Capable Apple iPhone Pay for 6 and Watch Apple iOS users from 8 initially only in the United States from October. When Apple’s mobile payment system in the rest of the world is spreading, and what deserves the most valuable company in the world in the transactions, was CEO Tim Cook yesterday openly.

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