paypalThe largest online payment service PayPal discussing a possible partnership with Apple , according to the resource Re/code. Manufacturer iPhone, as you know, is planning to launch its own payment service PayPal and saw itself as a major partner serving mobile transactions .

Apple wants to make sure that users are using your account in iTunes could not only buy digital content , but also to pay for real goods and services in stores. This possibility with the industry of mobile payments discussed Eddy Cue , senior vice president of Apple, who oversees iTunes and App Store.

PayPal, one of the leading players in the industry , relies on partnerships with Apple. However, in Cupertino are unlikely to accept the company’s offer . According to Re / code, the iPhone maker plans to enter the highly promising market without PayPal.

Now, with a credit card tied to iTunes, users can purchase virtual content : music, movies , books , apps . IPhone to pay for some of the real goods , scanning the label with the QR- code , it is possible only in its own retail stores Apple. Pay from your iTunes- account clothes, lunch at the cafe , taxi or dry cleaning company does not allow that to make a payment with the iPhone, you must manually enter information about your card .

Nevertheless , the manufacturer of iOS- devices have all the conditions to create a virtual wallet. For example, for the security and payment authorization may be involved fingerprint reader Touch ID, which appeared in the iPhone 5s. As Apple, will probably allow that card to pay for purchases that is already associated with iTunes, and indoor target buyers by the positioning system iBeacons.

According to Forrester Research, smartphone owners in the U.S. will make purchases at 90 billion dollars in 2017 against 12.8 billion in 2012 .

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