The Pebble is a smartwatch that using a Bluetooth connection can be connected to your iPhone. This allows you for example, missed calls or running statistics without taking your iPhone out of your pocket have to take. The e-paper screen is created with the same technology used in e-book readers like the Kindle, which, for example bright sunlight the screen darkens.


The Pebble contains a Bluetooth receiver four buttons, a vibrating motor and a motion sensor. The e-paper screen has a resolution of 144 by 168 pixels.

On the Kickstarter page of Pebble are a number of possibilities: you can use the watch as a bike computer, control your music with it or him as a running computer while you carry an iPhone app sends you progress to the screen. The possibilities are not limited to the ideas of creators, developers, the SDK apps in Pebble to implement use of the watch as possible. A special Pebble App Store apps must watch to offer.

Pebble on Kickstarter now collected enough money for the project from the ground. You can still donate to the project. By 130 dollars in the project to get somewhere in september stabbing a Pebble-watch at home. 


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