In the official Pebble website, there is a counter that counts down the time until the announcement of the new smart watches from the most successful companies in this market. The big event will take place on February 24 and competitors can already begin to fear, though this is unlikely to apply to Apple Watch. On the other hand, the price is decided.

Who in the tank, I recall that one of the first Pebble entered the market of smart hours, starting its way with Kickstarter. The company immediately laid into the huge potential (support for iOS and Android, week battery life, API to create applications) and is still reaping the benefits by implementing more than one million units and releasing steel model. For comparison, since the release of hours based on Android Wear last year, were sold only 720 thousand. By the way, with the latest update adds support at Pebble notifications Android Wear.

It is worth noting that the very Pebble until no statements did not do, but only launched a counter, but sources insist on the announcement of a new generation of smart hours. In particular, the device will receive a larger display (slightly wider than previous models) on the basis of color electronic paper with improved lighting. In this case, the cabinet will be thinner. Who is waiting for the touch control in Peble, disappointed. According to the source, the company intends to leave the mechanical buttons.

In terms of the autonomy of the new product should be at the level of the current models, and this week without recharging. Also referred to built-in microphone, which will substantially expand the functionality of the device with the help of third-party applications. Other hardware tokens note the new Cortex M4 processor and 6-axis gyroscope.

All this beauty will be running a completely new operating system Pebble, created from scratch a team that is behind in many ways revolutionary for its time, webOS. Promised an improved system view the notifications, and in general, will get more beautiful and high-quality animated interface

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