Pebble, one of the companies in the segment of smart watches, known among other things for their successful campaigns of collective financing for its two smartwatches (the original and the recent Pebble Time) presented a new model with a round screen, as Motorola, Samsung, Huawei and LG, among others did.

Like any innovation, steps smart watches modifications and improvements are part of its strategy to reach the final consumer. In the premise of trial and error, spherical screens are positioned as the future of these devices. Pebble, a pioneer in so-called “smartwatches” Round has announced its new clock whose big news is its round appearance.

After Moto 360, LG G Watch R or the latest Gear S2, these devices are offering more wrist own traditional aesthetic watches. And the spherical screen has become a trend, although Apple has waived this format on your Apple Watch. But the US electronics firm has decided to bet on this round display on your new device, which will arrive in November at an estimated price of 249 euros, according to a company statement.


Following its tradition, the watch has an electronic ink panel that ensures a long autonomy, a differential aspect of other similar devices whose biggest criticism is the recurrent need to reload them daily. However, for a slim design they have had to sacrifice this aspect distintitivo other brand models, so instead of ten days of life this device will have only two.

The Pebble Round has a unique measures just 7.5 millimeters thick and weighing 28 grams, which promises great comfort. Available in two sizes (14 mm and 20 mm), the “SmartWatch” will be available in several colors (black, silver and pink gold) and those responsible for its development say it is resistant to water splashes.

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