Pebble “Smart watch” begins shipping January 23



The creators of  Pebble”smart watch” is working in conjunction with the iPhone and Android-based devices at CES 2013, demonstrated the capabilities of the device. According to the developers, the gadget has passed all test trials, and these accessories will begin shipping from January 23.

Starting incredibly popular project Pebble”smart watch” collected on Kickstarter about $10M, was repeatedly postponed due to manufacturing difficulties. Mass production of the product, which was at the concept stage is not easy, but the problem finally solved.

Pebble creators promised a loud announcement at CES 2013, and they did it. Developers announced the date when the first batch will be sent to buyers hours. Recall, the demand for the gadget with a screen to “electronic ink” was unexpectedly high. Starting on the Kickstarter project hours, the authors planned to sell only 1000 pieces. However, the device has collected over the last month more than $10 million, and orders for future product issued 85,000 people. In order to produce such a large number of devices, developers have been forced to delay the release of nearly four months. This will happen on January 23, all who dare, can proceed at

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