Pegatron, tightened procedure in order to work on their assembly line in Shanghai. The problem which has set itself the manufacturer, – weed out underage applicants for vacancies .

Now check identity of applicants for Pegatron plants takes place in three stages. At the first stage we study the authenticity of the document , followed by a reconciliation produced photographs of the document with a human face . The third stage involves the search for records about the applicant in the databases of law enforcement.

Verifies the picture document to a real person challenger specialized software , which is based on face recognition technology . This allows you to identify people who have not reached the legal age (in China – 16 years ) and is therefore used in the course of employment of alien identity .

News about tightening inspections of documents was made public shortly after the press reported on the death of a Pegatron employee Shi Chzhaokunya . He died of pneumonia , having worked at the company’s month. It turned out that the teenager was 15 years old , although the charges against them in employment documents said that he 20 years.

Pegatron argues that Shi Chzhaokunya death was not related to working conditions in the enterprise. At the factory where he worked teenager assembles smartphones iPhone 5c. Family Chzhaokunya Shi , however, believes that he violated the law , he worked for more than seventy hours a week.[via WSJ]

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