Periscope stream to be integrated into Twitter’s mobile app



Twitter announced the integration of Periscope stream in the network, so that users can access Periscope more than 320 million active Twitter users, while users can see microblogging network Periscope emissions directly without having to leave the ‘timeline’.

Periscope enables users to make live broadcasts from where we are using just one application. Every time a live playback, Periscope publishes a tweet on our account so that any user who follow us can see our live coverage starts.

With the new update of the official Twitter application for iPhone or iPod Touch you can watch live broadcasts that interest us. The process is completely automatic, just have to get to the tweet in question and it will begin playing automatically. If you click on the video, it will be displayed full screen as if we open the Periscope application in our device.

As we watch the live broadcast, we can also see the hearts of the people who like and view the messages that users type in that time. This integration is ideal for those users who do not use the application solution, but if you like to watch broadcasts of the people that follow. It also allows to inform more people in the video relay service that launched earlier this year.

So far, every time we came to a tweet that had been published by pressing Periscope, the official Twitter application required us to automatically open the application Periscope, a real disadvantage especially if we do not use it and not have it installed in our device.

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