To celebrate Earth Day, Apple has organized a concert in Cupertino campus. Guest of honor rapper Pharrell Williams. During the concert, the singer wore an Apple Watch the wrist, then getting the official thanks to Tim Cook of Twitter. The model that Pharrell had on  his wrist was an Apple Watch Gold Edition, just not to miss anything. The picture that you see right below was posted by Tim Cook on his own Twitter profile where thanked the artist for “a celebration of Earth Day unforgettable.”

Happy #EarthDay from The Apple @liveearth

A video posted by Pharrell Williams (@pharrell) on

Since the singer made an appearance on the popular The Voice program in the United States with Apple Watch on your wrist, many other celebrities have joined to show up with the new apple product in public. For example, Katy Parry and rapper Drake also followed suit later was the renowned director JJ Abrams, and only a few days ago came the turn of Beyoncé.

Undoubtedly, the media campaign Apple Watch is one of the most unique that the company has launched ever, because this is the first time they release a product that can directly take over and be shown constantly. No doubt the $ 38 million in advertising that is speculated spent in the last month well worth it.

Apple celebrated Earth Day by giving a touch of green to apple logo in their stores
On the other hand, during yesterday also we saw a peculiar stamp on the Apple Store worldwide. On the occasion of the celebration of Earth Day, the company added a note of green to the top of the Apple Watch logo.

The company’s commitment to respecting the environment has grown exponentially in recent years, in fact, have recently released a new video that explains the major challenges they are doing in this direction.

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