Pharrell surprised bringing the Apple Watch for The Voice program, and Tim Cook does the same in a basketball game,
Who said TV ads would be the only way to promote the Apple Watch? A few weeks for the worldwide launch of the smart watch apple, the company appears to have already put into operation at full throttle the publicity machine of Apple Watch.


Exactly as the title of the news, the singer known Pharrell Williams has surprised everyone wearing on your wrist Apple Stainless Steel Watch Strap White Sport on the show The Voice, one of the highest-rated shows on American television . As already noted some media a few months ago, Apple Watch is such a device that enables new forms of promotion, and display it on the wrists and admired public figures by thousands of people is one of them.


Indeed, as we reported a few days ago, The Voice program was also the first space chosen by Apple to issue the TV ad of his smartwatch, which had not yet made an appearance since appeared in last keynote. A few weeks before its release, it is expected that the ad begins to appear frequently on television in the initial launch 9 countries.

On the other hand, Tim Cook has also worn the Apple Watch in its last public appearance, this time in a game of basketball national championship Duke CCCN. As has happened since the CEO appeared on stage at the keynote last September wearing the watch, the model remains the same as the singer Pharrell.

And  Apple seems to be particularly interested in promoting the model in stainless steel with white strap Sport, a model that could be labeled “middle range” considering the other prices, and that part of the $549 for 38mm and $599 for 42mm.[via 9to5Mac]

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