Phil Schiller confirms that the iPad mini has stereo audio system



Surprisingly, Friday, November 2. the iPad mini will go on sale, apparently to put an end to speculation about the speakers on the device, Apple has finally confirmed the presence of stereo speakers. Apple seems to move dock connector Lightning lower left enough room for additional speaker along the bottom edge of the device, but the company has not chosen a similar addition to the fourth-generation iPad.

The confusion may have arisen because of the way their new and cheaper Amazon Kindle Fire tablet HD advertised in the U.S.. They did this by comparing a couple of features of both tablets. One of these features was that the iPad mini mono speaker and would have the Kindle Fire would be the better HD with stereo speakers.


Having two hints at the presence of stereo, and the official website of Apple stubbornly silent on this specification, the new tablet., one on each side of the port of Lightning. Similar configurations have been seen in models of iPhone with one side housing a speaker and one microphone for phone conversations. iPad models, however, so far only contained a speaker grille off center.


Apple did not do much to clear speculation on unveiling the iPad mini last week, By not mentioning the stereo speakers and using the singular “speaker” on its Web technology specifications addressing capabilities of the device input / output. Amazon used the assumption that the iPad did not contain mini stereo speakers, used as part of a comparison list touting the Kindle Fire HD on its front page.


Short and sweet, it is necessary to correct the data on the site. At the same time Apple has received confirmation from chief editor Joshua Topolsky The Verge, which first revealed the inaccuracy.

All of the standard iPad button and switch placement is intact here, save for the move of the speaker grille to the bottom of the device (it’s been around back for iPads previous to this version), along with the new Lightning port. And that’s a good-sounding set of stereo speakers, by the way.

Curiously, just before this little hype Amazon removed from its home page sign-compare and iPad mini Kindle Fire HD. It also mentioned mono speaker, as opposed to the two speakers at the Fire HD, however, to hide the table and for other reasons.



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