Phil Schiller defined why the iPhone 5 lacks the NFC



This year, as in the past, many expected that Apple would support NFC to the newly unveiled iPhone 5, which has been regularly appearing in competitors flagships . However, the presentation was held on the smartphone, but nothing was mentioned about Near Fiel Communications (NFC). After Apple officially confirmed that there was no built-in NFC payments wireless technology integrated in the iPhone 5. Below, you will find out the reasons:

“In an interview, Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller said that Passbook alone does what most customers want and works without existing merchant payment systems.

It’s not clear that NFC is the solution to any current problem, Schiller said. “Passbook does the kinds of things customers need today.”

Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller in an interview with AllThingsD said honestly, why Apple did not support a build-in NFC in its new iPhone 5. In keeping with Phil, the prevailing utility Passbook absolutely fulfill consumer requests concerning cost choices on the handet. And the NFC, on this recognize, it’s not helpful.

As for wi-fi charging, which Schiller used to be additionally requested what he mentioned, it isn’t clear the way it allows charging. The truth that the foundation for it should nonetheless be related to a wall outlet, and right here is a straightforward USB-cable, and may also be powered from the pc and use even in an plane. This, consistent with Phil, rather more handy and versatile. However Nokia has regarded as completely different.

At last, addressing the subject of the brand new interface connector Lightning, Phil Schiller stated that to create a tool as skinny because the iPhone 5 and the brand new iPod Contact, with out altering the connector used to be merely inconceivable.

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