Phil Schiller: iPhone 5 duvet scratching and scuffing is standard



Difficulties in mapping application maps in iOS 6 are not the only problem they may encounter customers iPhone 5. For example, a user concern The reports of a possible peel anodized coating on the edges of the housing smartphone, well seen on the models in black.

These messages have remained at the level of rumor, if not a statement Apple’s vice president of product marketing Phil Schiller. In private correspondence with one of the members, he said that the black coating to peel modifications iPhone 5 in use there is a factory defect. According to him, “this is normal.”


Person underneath the title Alex:

“Just right day, sir.

I admire my black iPhone 5, however I spotted a number of chips and scratches that expose the pure silver coloration of the steel casing on the corners. What will we do? Is there a technique to resolve the issue?

Regards, Alex. “

What Phil Schiller stated:


Any aluminum product can get chips and scratches all over use, exposing the pure silver colour. That is commonplace.


The community already regarded footage iPhone 5, which isn’t handiest shabby housing duvet on the perimeters, however substantive scratches on the again of the smartphone. Alternatively, sensible experiments have proven that the coating of the instrument is very immune to scratches, which isn’t real of the aspect faces.

After all, these don’t impact the damage efficiency of cellular gadgets (extra so over time they give the impression of being on virtually any telephone in energetic use), however they obviously don’t add to the pleasure of possession system. Comfort is the truth that the iPhone 5, as examined, isn’t simplest the quickest smartphone of all rivals, but in addition essentially the most proof against put on the cell tool.

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