As it promised and Philips today launched the new Hue Bridge HomeKit 2.0 support, leading to support HomeKit colored bulbs and lamps existing Philips. In addition, the new Bridge supports other automation platforms, so the bracket is secured in the future. The integration of the lighting system with HomeKit Hue allows us to connect the Hue lights through Siri.

Philips system integrates seamlessly with HomeKit running safely and smoothly with other enabled devices HomeKit. So with just a voice command we can open the door, move the lights or turn up the heat without leaving our seat.

Personal and wireless lighting Philips Hue is an ecosystem which includes light bulbs, lamps and other types of controls, so we can control all the lights and stuff home from an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Apple Watch (and, probably Apple TV 4). Also we can control our home from the website when we MyHue away.


A home automation system would be nothing without its intelligent part, and Hue also has its share “smart” that will allow us, for example, save our “Scenes” favorites. For example, you can configure “Evening” or “Sunset” and later put our house with a specific color and intensity of light and temperature we want for that time of day.

 Control Hue via Siri
With virtual assistant Apple and third party applications, HomeKit enabled devices can interact to put our home on the exact spot where we want to be. We can ask the house to “wake up” and Hue Philips lights automatically turn on and the thermostat is set to a temperature that have previously configured. We can also activate a night mode in which the lights go out and the door closed. The Hue Bridge 2.0 will be available in Europe and North America starting October 6 for $60 with $20 off for the ones that own the original.

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