Philips working on its own version of Apple iBeacon


Apple ibeaconPhilips has tested a new unit with integrated LED lighting beacon transmitting product information to smartphone users; the new system comes with an app that displays a store map. According to Philips, the project is still in testing phase, although the electronics company Philips seems to be developing its own version of Apple iBeacon.

In Germany, Philips has tested a unit with integrated LED lighting beacon that transmits information to the user’s smartphone products.

The new intelligent lighting system from Philips comes with an app with which the user can view a map of the store, and even its exact position by reading the beacons. From there, the user can search for the product you want and even get directions where to find it on the shelves.

philips-intelligent-lighting-diagramFor example , as shown in the picture, for a consumer who wishes to prepare Mexican food, the app can serve as a shopping assistant : can guide you in what aisle to find a jar of guacamole or fresh guacamole if you prefer, draw a route corridors to find the necessary ingredients. Also, when approaching the app several products can list new brands available at the store or offer alternatives to the recipe.

According to The Verge , more shops make use of smartphones and apps to enhance the experience of consumers, including Apple iBeacon .

Most of these devices use small transmitters located throughout the store to inform consumers about offers and discounts when they approach the products.

Phillips has not yet specified which gadgets (or platforms) will be compatible with the system. According to a press release , at this moment, the project is in testing phase.

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