iphone x

iphone x

Apple Apple had to split production of the modem chip between Qualcomm and Intel with the iPhone X. Speedmart has carried out a speedtest to find out if there are any differences in speed between the two models.

using an iPhone X with the Qualcomm modem and another with the Intel Xeon chip to measure the average download speed and latency. Although this is not an absolute criterion, since the conditions are subject to several variants (position, LTE band, cell signal), this test gives us a little idea of the differences between the two chips.

The result with AT&T and T-Mobile shows that the Intel chip is faster at 10% and 15% respectively, but the engineers explain that in terms of overall efficiency and latency management, the Qualcomm chip works better.

We can say that when it comes to just purely speed that there is no reason if your [sic] on AT&T or T-Mobile to try to get a Qualcomm modem iPhone X. If anything the Intel modem version might be better for both those networks.

(Source: Speedsmart)

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