Picture: eight-pin Dock Connector for iPhone 5 “lit up” on the net


French portal NowhereElse as soon as once more provide you with some other leaked picture of the subsequent Apple flagship. Earlier edition published the pictures of the front panel of the iPhone 5, as well as the battery of the new smartphone, now it is a compact connector for iOS-awaited device.


As you know, Apple this Fall is going to update all iOS gadgets on the mobile platform, setting them in a miniature connector to your PC and recharge the battery. The new interface port, which will replace the standard connector, first to be integrated in the new iPhone 5.

According to the spy photos of NowhereElse, an updated connector is much more compact than its predecessor, first appeared in an iPod in 2003. The pictures shows the connector, compared with a traditional USB-plug. Bloggers confirm rumors that instead of a 30-pin connector, Apple gadget will switch to a new 8-pin ports. At least
as many contacts is represented by connectors.


Note that for a change of connector accessories manufacturers, it is an opportunity to open a “second wind” in the market, which in terms of continuity is almost exhausted the potential for growth. It is likely, for compatibility with older peripherals to be presented with an adapter with a 30-pin to 8-pin connector that will be attached to the new iPhone for free, or have to buy separately, remains unknown.

Apple tends to reduce the size of the secondary elements to make room inside their mobile devices. Together with a compact dock connector, the new iPhone will g
et a miniature SIM-card of the new standard, which is about 40% less than the micro-SIM, used in the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Staff blog at Nowherelese.fr provided additional information about their findings:

“Shown in the images has a dock connector instead of 8 and 16 pins (8 each side). And one of the contacts does not have a specific function and is likely to be used in the future. “

Bloggers have noted that this option if Apple-connector is not final and might change.

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