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iPhone photosAny modern digital camera, including mobile devices , stores various metadata that allows you to store the image file in a special standard EXIF. These data provide an opportunity to learn not only the exact date and time of recording , but also parameters such as exposure time , the value exhibited when shooting ISO, aperture value , the coordinates of the shooting , the flash is used , and others. Also in the EXIF- data stores information about the model. In total there are dozens of different parameters that can provide information .

Photo app for viewing and editing images in iOS does not allow you to work with EXIF. They do not display pictures stored in the metadata. To work with EXIF- information you need to use a separate application . Photo Investigator – a great solution for viewing and editing metadata photos on iOS- devices.


After you install and run the program , you will see the image library on your iPhone or iPad. Selecting any frame , you can see all the metadata : the file name , date , time, place , image resolution , the device model , ISO, focal length, aperture , shutter speed , operating system version , and others.

exif metadata iPhone Photo

Thus, if you took a few shots in the same place, but some of them have turned out unsuccessful , you can quickly determine where the mistake, EXIF-data comparing the two images . And learning about other people’s successful photo , you can see what settings are best when shooting puts those or other subjects.

exif metadata iPhone Photo

Photo Investigator supports all Apple devices on the operating system iOS 6.0 and above and is distributed through the App Store for free. To gain access to the “clean up” the metadata will have to pay $0.99 .

Download Photo Investigator for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [iTunes Link]

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