iPhone-7--256GBThe iPhone 7 rumors with 256GB OnLeaks returns to the fray. This time has not posted a picture of any part of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, but it has published something much more important. This is one of the stickers that go behind / below the box next smartphone apple larger iPhone 7 Plus, and in it we can see some interesting details, starting with what you see with the naked eye: there will be 256GB model.

As the sticker iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB looks perfectly, we can see what contain the box: logically, there will be an iPhone 7, but what interests us most is that include a EarPods Lightning, ie, a EarPods that will be the same as the we knew but that will have a Lightning connector that would confirm the removal 3.5mm headphone port. If anything even more interesting is that we will not have to buy an adapter to use headphones and have since put this sticker there will be a “Lightning adapter headphone jack.”

iPhone-7-PlusUnfortunately, the information we see on this bumper about the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Is uncertain whether we can charge the iPhone while listening to music. To do so would require either that the iPhone 7 could be charged by induction (or wirelessly) or the adapter that is in the box includes a portion for connecting the cable that would provide energy. Otherwise, I sincerely believe that Apple had made a mistake the less annoying.

Moreover, it is also important something many dabais for granted but that might not have been as follows: this sticker rule out that the next smartphone Apple iPhone 6SE be called. It had considered this possibility because some analysts thought Apple would not use renumbering not include major design changes.

To confirm officially what we see in this sticker and other rumors still have to wait a week and a few hours. In the event of the day on September 7 also
we find out when we can buy one of the new devices. Are you planteáis buying a 256GB iPhone 7?

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