Photo Leaked Shows Case Apple Uses To Protect Its iPhone Prototypes During Transportation



Before Apple present a new iPhone, the smartphone goes through months of design, testing and prototype traveling between the Cupertino headquarters and manufacturing partners in China. To hide these prototypes, Apple uses a special case… This time we see for the first time how Apple protects the prototypes of the iPhone while they are transported. This peculiar case prevents us from elucidating what is underneath it, beyond the holes necessary to check the general operation of the same.

This leak has come to MacRumors from Sonny Dickson. And we can see this black plastic housing, screwed precisely and that only has three holes, the camera, the flash and the noise canceling micro. As it could not be otherwise, each device is signed with a sticker that includes a QR code to be able to easily identify it. However, it seems that all these security measures remain few, and it is already rare to not know the actual form and characteristics of an iOS device even months before its presentation.


At the front it includes a hole for the Home button, although it seems that it is precisely covered and it would be impossible to capture the fingerprint. Also the front camera is exposed, so in the image above we can easily realize that we are facing a white SE iPhone. The front panel also seems largely plugged, as if you did not want to display the entire screen. Apple remains strong with security measures, however, we hope to continue filtering things constantly.

(Source: MacRumors)

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