The similarity of these images indicates a high probability that it belong to the new iPad Air. According to the latest, the iPad 6, also known as the iPad Air 2, will receive a new A8 processor and a higher camera resolution, but the design and dimensions of the new model will remain the same.

In addition, earlier rumors attributed the new tablet to feature Touch ID fingerprint sensor like the iPhone 5s. New source shared “live” pictures of the device in comparison with the current iPad Air on the market.

iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-1 iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-2 iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-3

From those images, the iPad Air 2 did not undergo global changes, although differences still there. So, the gadget will be even thinner than its predecessor, as seen on images, the thickness of the plate is reduced by about a millimeter. This should influence the weight of the second-gen iPad Air. Apple will release a more compact and lightweight gadget.

iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-4 iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-5 iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-6

Also conspicuous by its absence switch on the side panel responsible for silent mode and auto rotation lock, which Apple decided that it is not necessary, however, changes were made to the volume buttons with new speaker holes.

iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-8 iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-9 iPad-6-vs-iPad-Air-11

Thus, cases for the iPad Air unlikely to fit on the iPad Air 2. The expect announcement of the new Apple tablet model stands simultaneously with iPad mini 3 this Fall.

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