Modern man often uses devices on multiple software platforms . They are equipped with different interfaces and are often not compatible with each other. Solution offered by company PhotoFast, which released a compact adapter called i-FlashDrive.

i-FlashDrive – a universal ” flash drive” with the size of a matchbox . On the one hand it has micro-USB port for Android-based devices , on the other – 30- pin connector to connect to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. For use with the latest trends have Lightning- adapter .

To work with data on the i-FlashDrive developed a free client for iOS and Android. It is equally deftly managed as information on the external drive , and the data themselves on gadgets. Among the opportunities accessory – the exchange of information between iOS and Android, backup contacts from the address book smart , play music and video directly from the ” storage memory.”


The brand new adaptation i-FlashDrive is on hand in three variations with sixteen, 32 and sixty four GB of inside reminiscence for $ one hundred seventy , $ 230 and $ 330 respectively. The diversity PhotoFast has additionally USB- adapter for connecting an adjunct to traditional computer systems.
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