iphone camera

Recently,  several parts have been leaked next iPhone 6, now a new set of images courtesy of Feld and Volk, which shosw in detail what seems to be the new camera module to be included in the upcoming Apple smartphone , which officially will be seen on Tuesday, September 9. Beneath these words we can see what is supposed to be the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 camera module to the left of the image. On the right, we have the camera module currently used in the iPhone 5S.

iphone-camAs we see, this perspective views from the cameras are very similar, but Feld & Volk say the new iPhone 6 module has some room for movement within the sensor housing, which could indicate an optical stabilization system that could be novelty camera smarpthone new model of Apple. This movement is not given in camera modules previous models. The new camera module is slightly thinner, but the lens is about as high as the previous which could indicate the reason for the need to stop the lens protrudes above the surface of the rear housing iPhone 6.


Also analysts assembly company indicate that the optical image stabilization (OIS), will feature a unique and exclusive model of 5.5 “, a feature which Apple wants to differentiate one model from another.

Feld and Volk also posted images of what appears to be the membrane that protects the speaker and microphone of the new terminal showing the colors gold and black, you see the design is similar to the current iPod Touch.


And the final filtered image is the starter button and the lock iPhone, Feld and Volk apparently indicates that the button has a rubber membrane, which may protect the iPhone 6 moisture and dust, as do terminal other carriers currently. The iPhone 6 will include the 4.7 “optical stabilization? Everything will be clarified next Tuesday guys, stay tuned…

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