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iphone 6The web has the photos of the device , which is said to be a prototype iPhone 6. Pictures of the phone with a big screen , like a hybrid iPad Air and iPod touch, look very believable.

6 iPhone photos posted on the Web blogger Sonny Dickson. Last year he was one of the first and well before the official release of the back cover showed iPad Air. This time , however, the part itself it does not have photos only.

Image identical device made , presumably from metal , have been published on Twitter @ mornray886. They are visible and the front panel of the smartphone , most of the area which takes screen . Button «Home», apparently, with a fingerprint reader .

leaked iphone 6Confused , however, that surrounds a fairly thick rounded rim that looks – plastic . Perhaps before us is not the flagship smartphone of Apple, but a more affordable option . This is indicated by the hull shape – like previously rounded rear covers Apple applied only cheaper , not flagship handheld devices – iPod touch and fifth generation iPhone 5s . The top model of the iPhone since the time released in 2010 the iPhone 4 had a sharp edge.

Furthermore , it may be a device , generally lacking cellular module , kind successor iPod touch with a large screen . This version says the apparent absence of the housing under the antenna locations – through metal signal will not pass , and place the antenna on the front of the machine, which was leaning against the head, can not be due to high levels of radiation.

Assuming the size of Lightning- connector on the underside of the phone ( about 9 mm ), it is possible to estimate that the width of the housing iPhone 6 is approximately 65-66 mm, 6-7 mm is wider than the current flagship . Ie diagonal trends is about 4.7-inch.

Of course, it is too early to say with confidence what it will look like iPhone 6. Pictures or details on them can be a skillful fake.

The web has pictures exposing “prototype iPhone 6 .” It turned out that this is just a concept of a talented designer Martin Hayek . His outstanding patterns that he used in previous works.

leaked iphone 6

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