Nowhereelse publishes new photos what offer a closer look at Apple log of the iPhone 6, which has been rumored to be unveiled on September 9.

The logo set into the rear bodywork has been used exclusively on iPhone first generation. So with the iPhone 6, Cupertino company back to its origins, following what has been done with rounded edges that will return the new model years later. Returning to the photo of the Apple logo, everything suggests that Apple has decided to focus on the strong Liquidmetal technology because of its high resistance to scratches.


Along the same lines of what happens with the iPod touch, the ring of the iPhone 6 camera  assumes the presence of a lens that will be protruded a few millimeters from the body. The news should cover both the 4.7-inch model and the 5.5-inch display.

In the photo above, the headphone jack, the connector port Lightning and the fingerprint sensor, the Touch ID that was much appreciated on the iPhone 5S. Basically same component in a seemingly better version, smooth the edges and completely flat, rather than rounded shape like that seen in recent days.

iphone6_parts_2Still confirmations regarding the rear camera, slightly protruding just like on the current iPod touch: what is reported from the ring shown in the photos, which should just protect the element in question. Also spotted other components relating to the connector Lightning, the headphone jack and the housing for the sensor Touch ID that will probably be used in future Apple smartphone, which should be announced within the next month.

i6-1 i6-3

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