Photographs purportedly convey – Google Maps app for Apple’s iOS 6



A set of photos released on October 14 reveal what is claimed to be Google’s expected Google Maps app for iOS 6. Leaked photos of Google’s Maps Application for iOS have been posted by a San- Francisco based developer Dan Guild who claims that the photos show a few of the designed features of the expected Google Maps application for Apple’s latest operating system iOS 6.

Developer Guild claims the 3 fuzzy photos are “leaked photos of Google Maps app (Alpha version) for iOS.”

He wrote that these photos show that the Google’s new Maps App for iOS appears to be a vector based technology and features two – finger rotation to any angle method. The application is purportedly “very fast” and it is good supported by new iPhone 5.


Picture of alleged native iOS Google Maps app. Supply: Ben Guild

The all three photographs posted by means of Developer Guild are usually not full display pictures, however best exhibit some small elements of the reveal photographs of the anticipated Google map software. First display shot presentations a fuzzy yellow street & an auto icon, together with a time indication of “<1 minute” for commute distance proven on the map.

A 2d reveal shot displays an Apple iPhone energy image on the highest proper nook alongside the compass indicator and a fuzzy inexperienced map photograph within the history situation. The 1/3 monitor shot presentations a search menu field over any other fuzzy element of Google maps app. Google is probably going to supply its native mapping app provider on new iOS 6 someday quickly.

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