Photos section mysteriously disappears from



Is it a technical error, or a way of recognizing the delay function? Anyway, the section dedicated to pictures disappeared from, the website that provides access to all content synchronized with Apple’s online service. This part of the site provided access to all the photos and videos synchronized with iCloud and it was the only means of access to a computer, Mac or PC. The icon has been removed from the home page and when you try to use the direct link, you come across an error message.

According to 9to5Mac, it could be only a technical error. It seems that the access to the photos is complicated for several days and perhaps Apple has decided to remove the section entirely, time to fix any bugs. If we are optimistic, we can also think that this withdrawal is preparing the arrival of the Photos application for OS X.

The manufacturer gave no date for the release of this software is to replace iPhoto and Aperture, merely evoke “early 2015”. Since we are at the beginning of 2015, we can expect a release soon … unless, of course, if such withdrawal foreshadows a function of delay. For now, iCloud Photos only works with iOS devices 8, but the service is still in beta, even on the iPhone and iPad.

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