Photographs displays the thickness of the upcoming iPhone 5 and the iPhone four


Lower than per week, ahead of Apple presentation, which will unveiled many interesting things, including the next generation of its smartphone; the iPhone 5, and the Internet continue to leak photos related to the new iPhone 5, not only do they warm up interest in the new product but also allow to make the most complete impression before the presentation date on September 12.

iResQ, has been repairing smartphones Apple – in photographs, provided they can be seen fully assembled iPhone 5 (or so says a source) compared to iPhone 4.

“We just received the iPhone 5 screen assembly and installed it on our iPhone 5 back casing. What you see is a culmination of all of the parts we have put together on the iPhone 5 so far. From the outside, the iPhone looks pretty much fully assembled aside from the two glass/plastic covers that belong on the top and bottom of back casing.”

Through this comparison, we can estimate the thickness of the new iPhone 5 which is compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 4/4S, it can be seen that a "difference" of almost 2 millimeters. iResQ claims that the thickness on the iPhone 5 is 7.6 mm, and we all know that the iPhone 4 is about 9.3 mm.

As for the new iPhone 5, competitors already on the market, the comparison will be with a new gadget Apple. Since Samsung Galaxy S III boasts a thickness of 8.6 mm, and the HTC One X is 8.9 mm. Thus, if the iPhone 5 is really to keep the proportions illustrated in these photos, it will onc
e again be the thinnest smartphone on the market.


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