Photovine, Instagram by Google!


a few packing containers have launched into the area of interest and developed photograph-sharing services and products.&#one hundred sixty;This is applicable to&#a hundred and sixty;Course&#a hundred and sixty;or the well-known&#one hundred sixty;Instagram . Yes but now, friends, Google is determined not to let it go and just imagine the search giant is launching a new service of its kind. Even his name is Photovine and you'll discover a little more in the video below.


No doubt, we are witnessing the revival of Google in the market for so-called social services.So far, all attempts of the company to counter the hegemony of Twitter and Facebook have been unsuccessful particularly bitter, but it will soon be ancient history. Now, engineers at the firm must make sacred doses of testosterone, drizzled with a little caffeine and it is finally a page that is trying to turn in the history of Google. Same as-offensive against the risk of upsetting the market and it is evidently not displeasing to us.

After Google + , which we have spoken in length, and the bottom, so it is with photography will tackle the social giant. Its objective is very clear, it is to attack the competition on all fronts. And this time, these are services like Instagram Path and who may suffer as Google will soon launch a mobile application (presumably compatible iOS and Android) which will allow all mobile users to share all their photos and discuss the end of bold with their different virtual buddies.

And we do not know much yet. All catches and let shine through the video presentation of the service is that Photovine benefit from a highly polished interface and structure the content into three main headings: what is being looked at , what comes to reach and what is popular .We also know that all who use the service can not help laughing foolishly and the application will work with any sensor that is on the back of the mobile front. Same thing, it is apparently possible to group photos into specific themes (see the "Warm and Fuzzy" in the video) and it may be possible to find a little more easily what you seek. Rather interesting, especially for journalists and bloggers deci
de to cover certain events.

And that's about all. For now, it is impossible to download the application but you can still register on the waiting list that goes history to receive an invitation soon. In my case, I have obviously taken the plunge and I frankly look forward to putting your fingers on it.

Download&#a hundred and sixty;Photovine for iPhone

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