Pic3D give each iPhone, iPad, Windows Display a 3D screen


Smartphone makers similar to LG and HTC are engaged on, and Nintendo has made the 3DS. Or sensible worth, is a query that no longer everybody has discovered the reply, however the producers seem at the least within the thought. After which Apple? The iPhone does no longer have a 3D monitor, however Pic3D World Wave is it a bit of within the route. The Pic3D is a display mount, that appears like a thick display protector.



The screen consists of a lens system that combines two images a 3D picture. The solution was demonstrated last week in the 3D and Virtual Reality Expo in Tokyo. Images on the screen, see the Pic3D layer, allowing you for example the 3D movies that are already available on YouTube, you see. Global Wave is planning to make an iPhone app, which features better be demonstrated. Pic3D the screen layers are about $ 25 per item cost. What do you think: Adds 3D on a mobile phone really matter?


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